Texas is Top Relocation Destination

In today’s economic climate many schools continue to struggle with hiring relocation candidates.  Finding the perfect candidate has become half the battle.  The other half is finding one who can move to your location!

There are several bright spots for relocation though, and this one comes to us courtesy of our relocation specialist Lauri Johnson at FAS Relocation Network.

For the 4th year in a row, Texas tops the list as the number one relocation destination in the U.S., according to Allied Van Line’s 41st Annual Magnet States Report. Texas had 5,891 inbound shipments, and 3,988 outbound by Allied in 2008, for a net relocation gain of 1,903. The Lone Star State also garnered other relocation accolades. According to a recent report conducted by Forbes.com, Texas held 4 spots on their list of top cities where home buyers can get the most bang for their buck. Austin and San Antonio came in at numbers one and two respectively. Following close behind at number four was Houston, and lastly Dallas placed at number seven.

Bill Hammond, president and CEO of the Texas Association of Business says, “It’s easy to see why Allied Van Lines moved so many people here. We have no state income tax and continue to maintain low taxes, which is especially attractive to businesses. That, in turn, creates more jobs here.” Not only are businesses attracted to Texas, they are growing there. Andrew Gledhill, an economist at Moody's Economy.com, states, “Texas, as a whole, is one of the few economies that's performing extremely well because of the energy and technology sectors,” He also added that military bases in San Antonio have continued to draw a steady steam of personnel and federal employees to the city, spurring widespread job growth.

Still not convinced? In addition to the affordable housing market, solid employment base, and low tax rates, Texas boasts a public school system that compares to the quality of many private schools as well as a wide range of activities for it’s residents. In a time of economic downturns, these qualities are very attractive to people and businesses alike, seeking long term stability.
North Carolina was second on Allied's list of relocation destinations, followed by Virginia, Colorado, and Oregon. Indianapolis, IA came in third on Forbes’ list of best value cities, with Charlotte, NC in fifth place, and Columbus, OH in sixth.

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