Technological Integrity

By John Assunto, President – The Hudson Group

Technological Integrity (yes, that is the buzz term of the day!) is becoming a more and more of an issue when seeking top talent.   As a search consultant, it is unfortunate that every once and a while we will see resumes go beyond exaggeration to outright lies.  Length of time of employment, job titles, responsibilities, even companies that did not exist certainly are areas that raise yellow and even red flags.

With the growth of social networking and the popularity of websites such as Linked In, the lack of Technological Integrity unfortunately is starting to become a bit of an epidemic…My staff and I have noticed that the “Virtual Resume” often does not match the “Actual Resume”.  This is not only the case from executives seeking employment where it is part of our responsibility to bring this to the attention of candidates, but also vendors that serve the industry are plagiarizing their own profiles to have them appear more experienced in our industry.  I personally found it appalling to have found one vendor posting they were President and CEO of their company 4 years before it even existed!

Having personally worked in the education industry for 24 years now, I implore those that work in the industry and serve the industry to take the time to get their facts straight, virtually and actually as you never know when someone will call you out on what you are advertising!

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