Attending the CCA Conference, it’s no gamble

Bright lights, amazing shows and high stakes gambling are not the only amenities Las Vegas has to offer. For the second consecutive year, it is also the site of the Career College Association’s Annual Convention & Exposition.

The slogan, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” may be true for other occasions but not for the CCA conference. The event, which will be held from June 12-14 at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, represents the largest conference for professionals in the career college field. More than 1,100 people on average attend the conference every year to network, share ideas and discuss the issues and trends that impact their schools and students.

This year, event organizers again have focused on the hottest topics impacting proprietary schools, including:

  • Profile of the Online Learner: At past conferences, this topic was geared toward the lead-generation aspect of the industry, but this year’s breakout sessions will also emphasize use of the Internet for distance learning.
  • Compliance and Ethics: This is always a hot topic in the career college industry. It deals with issues concerning financial aid, legislative issues, accreditation and ethical admissions practices. Several breakout sessions at the conference will address these issues and more.
  • Retention: A growing number of schools have reported that many incoming students lack the basic educational skills needed to succeed in the classroom. Attendees will receive information about getting these students where they need to be to learn and succeed in the workforce.
  • Women in Leadership Roles: More and more women are taking on leadership positions within the career college industry. In this session, the presenters will offer helpful information on the challenges and obstacles women face within the industry.
  • Tomorrow’s Jobs: For a school to meet student needs, its administrators must understand what jobs are in demand. Here’s your chance to learn which career fields are hot and which are not, across the nation.

Other breakout sessions will address all aspects of the industry, such as admissions, education, external operations, internal operations and student services. Don’t miss out on your chance to learn more about these topics.

Keynote speakers for the event are General Barry R. McCaffrey, USA (Ret.) and Peter Hart, Peter D. Hart Research Associates, Inc. Gen. McCaffrey will discuss the war in Iraq and how it impacts the career education industry. Hart will talk about the public’s perception of career colleges and offer information on how to address the marketing challenges brought on by these perceptions.

Conference organizers hope the information that they present in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. “We want to give them the best material and information so they can do the best job for their students,” said Lisa Kelly, Manager of Communications for CCA. “It’s all about the students.”

For more information about the Career College Association Annual Convention & Exposition, please visit CCA’s web site.

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