Why hands-on learning is an ideal fit for recent high school graduates

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Why hands-on learning is an ideal fit for recent high school graduates

You’ve spent four years in the classroom: now that you’ve graduated from high school, you might be looking for some hands-on training instead. Put all your secondary education to use by continuing your education at a career college, where you can prepare for your first career.

Many colleges and universities still rely heavily on lecture and classroom instruction, rather than giving students firsthand experience with their studies. That could not be more opposite at a career college. Career schools offer hands-on training programs focused on specific careers, so you can graduate and find a job that allows you to use your hands.

Four reasons hands-on learning fits

Here are four reasons why you are an ideal fit for a college that offers hands-on learning:

  • Ability to succeed – Career schools offer a variety of programs, in fields as diverse as medical billing and coding and nursing to welding and automotive repair. Each of these programs uses a hands-on approach to instruction, which means you can choose virtually any career path and it will involve the way you best know how to learn. Your preferred method of learning will be a fit in any program you choose.
  • Learning for yourself – Learn how to meet challenges and overcome obstacles on your own. Career college programs are typically designed for working adults, and can give recent high school graduates a chance to really shine on their own after the structure and hand-holding typical in a high-schooler’s day.
  • Focused studies – Many recent high school grads get tired of focusing on classroom work then they attention a traditional college or university, where the preferred method of learning is through lectures. In a career college environment, you might not have as much trouble tuning into your instructor’s teaching method. Your mind is already hardwired to learn through firsthand experience.
  • Connecting with new people – More than likely, your college program will have a very diverse student population. Take advantage of this opportunity to interact with (and learn from!) people of different ages, backgrounds, and experiences. Network with your peers based on your shared program of interest. Team up with them for in-class projects and other hands-on related studies.

Building on your background
When choosing your educational path, you’ll want to be sure to select a way really allows you to learn in your preferred method. If you’re a hands-on learner, a career college program might be the best option for you! With certifications that can be earned while pursuing a degree, career colleges can help you achieve a job in high-paying, in-demand career fields in less time than a traditional degree program. Use your head (and your hands) and enroll in a career college today!

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