SLATE: Elizabeth Warren Wants Colleges to Pay a Price When Students Can’t Pay Their Loans. Great Idea.

Career College Central Summary:

  • This week Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who has made student loan reform a personal cause since arriving in Washington, outlined her plan to help more Americans graduate from college "debt-free." The gist: Make loans themselves cheaper (some kids are inevitably going to borrow), give more money to colleges to keep tuition down, and then heap on accountability measures to make sure schools don't waste all that taxpayer cash.
  • All of this is potentially smart policy. But while many of Warren's individual proposals sound promising, many of them are very light on details, which makes it hard to figure out exactly what her final vision is. For instance, much like presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, she wants the federal government to help states fund their university systems the way it helps them "build and maintain interstate highways." Does this mean that, like Sanders, she wants Washington to spend enough that tuition drops to zero? Probably not, but she doesn't specify.
  • Nevertheless, Warren is an key figure to watch on this issue. Making college affordable is shaping up to be a major piece of the Democratic agenda heading into 2016. And on top of the loyal following she commands among American progressives, Politico reports that Warren's advisers on higher education seem to have Hillary Clinton's ear as well. Whatever the Senator says now could end up as the party consensus.

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