RENO GAZETTE: Hillary Clinton lays out her ‘four fights’ to Reno vets

Career College Central Summary:

  • Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton laid out her four top campaign priorities Thursday in Reno at a town-hall meeting about veterans issues at the historic VFW Post 9211.
  • It was Clinton's second Nevada stop of the day. Earlier, Clinton spoke on the Las Vegas Strip at the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials' 32nd annual conference at the Aria.
  • Clinton told her Reno audience, a crowd of about 200 packed in the Post 9211's main meeting room, that the four fights she will wage and win include:
  • — Building an economy for tomorrow and not for yesterday.
  • — Strengthening American families who are suffering from economic stress,
  • — Maintaining the best trained and equipped military in the world, and,
  • — Revitalizing the American democracy and get a stagnate government working again.
  • Then she said she would be willing to compromise, up to a certain point.
  • "I will go anywhere, anytime to meet with anybody to find common ground," Clinton said. "But I will also stand my ground."
  • To that, the partisan crowd erupted into applause, drowning out whatever she said after that.
  • She played to the many veterans in the room, noting the need to end one of Nevada's largest problems of veterans' services: Long wait times for veterans in need of specialized medical care and long wait times in receiving veterans' health benefits.
  • "Taking care of our veterans is part of our solemn duty as Americans, whether you ever served or whether anyone in your family ever served," Clinton said. "We owe that debt and we will all pay together."
  • She said the VA should care for Nevada veterans no matter where they live.
  • "I don't care where you live, no vet should have to wait in line for weeks and months to get the care you earned for your service, not in Reno or Las Vegas, not in small towns or Indian country," Clinton said. "Our priority should be transforming the VA so that it serves all of our veterans and gives them access to state-of-the-art care, whether it is for cancer, prosthetics or mental health. We have learned that privatization and outsourcing is not a magic solution for anything, let alone when it comes to the unique obligations we have to our vets."

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