NEWS LEDGE:Learning for Life. Life Expectancy Linked to Higher Education

Career College Central Summary:

  • Want to make it to your golden years? It’s time to crack open a book and get after it. A joint study between three American universities is correlating a link between higher education and life expectancy. Living longer? Sign me up.
  • The research pedigree is undoubtedly impressive. I know the headline sounds like the for-profit colleges have turned desperate, but the team combined researchers from the University of Colorado, New York University and the University of North Carolina.
  • What’s the takeaway? The teams found that people going back to complete their high school equivalency could avert the same amount of deaths as every smoker suddenly quitting.
  • It’s an attention grabber for sure. Published in PLOS One, researchers explained that people who attain higher education – high school or a college degree – have lower mortality rates thanks to associated factors.
  • The higher your education, the higher income status, social status, psychological well-being, healthier behaviors and enhanced cognitive development.
  • Virginia Chang, a lead author, and associate professor of public health at NYU, explained the results in a statement.
  • “In public health policy, we often focus on changing health behaviors such as diet, smoking and drinking. Education — which is a more fundamental, upstream driver of health behaviors and disparities — should also be a key element of U.S. health policy.”

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