Introducing Imagine America Radio

Introducing Imagine America Radio

Tune in for episodes focusing on the most important issues in career education

The Imagine America Foundation is excited to join the world of podcasting! This year we are announcing the launch of Imagine America Radio, a podcast channel that will share the perspective of our colleges and our students on important trends and issues facing the career education space.


The Voice of Career Education

The Imagine America Foundation knows that career and technical colleges help thousands of people change their lives for the better. Since our founding almost forty years ago, we have strived to provide career training resources and plenty of added support for students, prospective students, parents, and alumni.

Between our blog, our quarterly magazine (Career College Central, the definitive voice of the career college sector!), our scholarship and award programs, and outreach programming, IAF connects prospective students with our member schools and promotes the value of continuing education.

Radio for the Sector

For more than twenty years, IAF has been cultivating relationships with high schools, workforce boards, Veterans Affairs offices, and prospective students through our scholarship and award programs, community outreach initiatives, and other resources. Today, we know that these counselors, advisors, and students are eager for information about postsecondary education, career training programs, financial aid options, national workforce needs and career trends, and more.

With Imagine America Radio, we can share valuable perspectives on these issues on a national scale—and relevant information for local areas. IAF has begun interviewing leaders and administrators from the schools in our sector, subject matter experts, and other stakeholders in the industry to share their stories and their knowledge. We are eager to promote their thought leadership and expertise, and to demonstrate just how important career and technical education is for our students—and for the American economy. Each episode will be distributed to our robust networks of high schools, workforce boards, VA offices, and prospective students via email, social media, and more.

Have an idea for an upcoming episode topic or guest speaker? We’d love to talk to you! Email Lee Doubleday at leed@imagine-america.og.

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