IAF Wants to Be Your School’s Third-Party Validation

IAF Wants to Be Your School’s Third-Party Validation

There is no shortage of information (and misinformation) about schools out there. Or, for that matter, a shortage of schools to choose from. For prospective students and their families, it can quickly become overwhelming trying to sort through it all and determine what info is valuable and what is just window dressing—and which program is the right one for them.

Let Us Help Tell Your Story

The Imagine America Foundation has long strived to be the career college industry’s resource for research, scholarships, and training. We’ve made it our mission to help connect students nationwide with the postsecondary institutions who can provide the training and education they’re looking for. That’s why we consider ourselves a reliable third-party resource, and a validation for our member schools, helping students feel confident in the program they choose.

Thousands of students visit our website every month seeking dependable information about our member institutions and the programs they offer. We want you to be part of that network! Our school directory allows visitors to find schools by location, by online accessibility, or by program type—knowing that each institution is a partner with our organization and not some scam.

We Help Validate A Student’s Decision To Attend Your School

The digital age requires differentiation, and IAF can help. We want to help your students feel confident that they’ve made the right choice for them by choosing your school instead of one of your competitors. This can be especially important for high school seniors who are pursuing their first career path—and for the parents and counselors who support them. As many students are moving away from the traditional university four-year degree path, parents want to ensure that they’re spending their time and their money wisely on a career-training program.

Become A Member

IAF wants to stand by your programs as great training opportunities for students interested in your fields of expertise. That’s why we offer tuition discounts for students attending our member institutions: We know that cost can be one of the biggest hurdles that students face, so we give eligible students $1,000 off their tuition. We do this because we believe in our schools’ training and want to ensure all students have the opportunity to enroll.

Are you ready to join the Imagine America Foundation and set your institution apart from the rest? Contact Lee Doubleday at 571.267.3015 or leed@imagine-america.org today to get started!

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