COLORADOAN: CollegeAmerica sued by state AG for deceptive practices

Career College Central Summary:

  • Colorado’s attorney general accuses a private, for-profit college with campuses in four states of misleading students it promises to prepare for careers in business, computers and health care, The Denver Post reported Wednesday.
  • The Post reported that a lawsuit was filed late last year against CollegeAmerica seeking to remedy deceptive trade practices. CollegeAmerica, which has campuses in Flagstaff and Phoenix, Arizona; Colorado Springs, Denver and Fort Collins, Colorado; Idaho Falls, Idaho; and Cheyenne, Wyoming, released a statement denying the allegations.
  • KCNC-TV also has reported on the case, saying the attorney general accuses the college of enticing students with promises of lucrative careers, but instead preparing them for low-wage jobs for which they don’t need degrees.
  • In court documents, the attorney general said that since 2006, about 70 percent of CollegeAmerica students in Colorado and Wyoming dropped out, and cited a CollegeAmerica advertising campaign that promises: “You could earn a million dollars more over your lifetime if you hold the right degree.”

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