Neutrality in Employee Training

Employees may not be attentive to learning if they perceive the trainer as being biased.

At one career college campus, whenever the campus president, the education director or a corporate officer talked to instructors about the importance of student retention, the instructors would talk among themselves about how “the management guys are just driven by profitability.”  Even though management provided techniques and strategies for student retention and discussed the benefits for the students and the organization, many instructors simply did not want to listen. They believed that the admissions department was not recruiting “quality” students and management simply wanted the instructors to keep the “weak” students in class. The fact is that many employees unconsciously block information and training if they see it as being biased, while the same training offered by an independent trainer may lead to many “Aha” moments!

Perception is reality! Don’t underestimate the importance of perception if you want to get results from your training programs. After all, results are what matter.

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