Getting Results – Things to Do After Training

Training is ineffective unless the desired behavior, knowledge, and skills are transferred to the workplace. It is not enough to simply admonish employees to apply what they learn in training. Below is a suggested list of things to do after training starts to maximize transfer of training to the workplace.

  • Coach the trainees. Review the highlights of what was learned and how it applies to the employee’s job. Meet one-on-one to communicate your support for the transfer of training; offer help ("Tell me what I can do to help you apply what you have learned."). Remind the trainee that the application of new skills to the job may not be as easy as it appears at first, that difficulties will be encountered.
  • Give the trainees assignments in which they can apply what they have learned. Assign the employees to tasks that will not only give them the chance to apply what they have learned, but will require them to apply it.
  • Let the employee know that the degree to which training is transferred will be included in the employee's performance appraisal. Some people change to new behaviors only if there is a reward for doing so. An improved performance appraisal may be just what is needed. If appropriate, set performance objectives based on mutual expectations for improvement.
  • Provide additional incentives for meeting performance objectives.
  • Provide role models. Employees learn on the job through observation of others. You can control this learning by providing positive role models. Trainees can be assigned to work alongside more experienced employees.
  • Use positive reinforcement. When you see an employee using desired behavior, give the employee a few words of praise. It is especially important to recognize new behaviors.
  • Continue to monitor work practices. Over time, employees may lapse into old work habits. Refresher training or discussions can help.

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