Employee Retention 60K and Under

My fiance inspired this blog entry while on a current job search.  She is an experience dental assistant with every certification under the sun; has a solid employment history, and glowing references.  We found out 24hrs into her search that she would have her choice of about 12 different offices to work for.  Good news for every career school with a dental assisting program, there are still more jobs then qualified candidates.

She interviewed for several positions and accepted one with an office close to home.  The location was perfect and the pay was much higher than her previous position, but after only 3 days on the job she quit! 

Here is why:

  • The first day they had her work 11.5 hours.  3.5 were unscheduled.
  • The second day she had no lunch break.  Again, unscheduled.
  • The third day a senior assistant in the office decided to reprimand her in front of a patient.

The fourth day she quit.

Sound petty?  It might be, but not for candidates who are in high demand.  They do not have to put up with unfavorable conditions because there are too many other options out there.  She found another position with much better conditions for even more money within the week. 

Does this story sound like one of your admissions or financial aid personnel?  Not an uncommon story for any staff under 60K.  Managers, you better treat your staff right or they will walk out the door and work of the competition down the street.

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