Customer Service or Bust!

Colleges must recognize students as customers buying into theirhigher education services. This is essentially the theme central to Dr. Neal Raisman's The Power of Retention:  More Customer Service for Higher Education. And, given the examples he cites throughout this intensive read, it's nearly impossible to disagree with that assertion.

After all, high school graduates are bombarded with advertisements from various learning institutions, so students and their parents view education through the eyes of a consumer. Just like any other service,colleges make more money through repeat customers.

Raisman ups the ante on his student retention concepts in this follow-up to his best-selling book Embrace the Oxymoron: Customer Service in Higher Education. He offers more solutions, how-tos, research and formulas that can help your school to increase retention and enrollment.

Customer service is explained in great detail along with the difference between retaining and obtaining students. But perhaps the book's most helpful aspect are the practical formulas Raisman describes that can help determine the real dollar value of retention at your school. Some other suggested tools include surveys, adjusting to the ways students communicate, creating a secure campus and a several tips to make students more enthusiastic about learning.

If you think these insights sound like common sense, think again. Nearly 72 percent of students drop out prior to graduation due to poor or weak academic customer service. With Raisman's insights, you can beat the percentages and help your school both excel at customer service and increase profit margins. 

There is no one who knows as much about retention and customer service than Raisman. His new book plainly shows that. And he writes in a non-academic style that is clear, uncomplicated and even humorous at times. Power of Retention is a must read for everyone who wants to increase retention and success for students and the school.  

Book Review by: Sarah Skelnik

Dr. Raisman is a leading authority and consultant on customer service in higher education. Dr. Raisman's number one selling book – Embrace the Oxymoron: Customer Service in Higher Education – has been purchased by 52% of all colleges in the US. Neal is a highly sought after speaker, trainer, customer service auditor, researcher, marketer andgeneral maven on customer service. He has a PhD from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst in neurolinguistics; was a Fulbright Fellow in France; has published three books and over 80 articles, plus the blog

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