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Traditional and Nontraditional Student Markets with EducationDynamics

Traditional & Nontraditional Student Markets with EducationDynamics:
Season 1, Episode 5


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Tracy is the chief relationship officer at EducationDynamics. She works with an incredible team to drive enrollment growth for schools. She helps develop strategy and drive performance to ensure their college and university partners exceed enrollment goals. With over 20 years of education marketing experience, Tracy has been an integral part in the continued evolution of education marketing strategy. Tracy enjoys sharing what she has learned with the higher education community, and she is a regular speaker …

The Taking Away of ‘Ability to Benefit’

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By Kevin Kuzma, Online Editor

We were standing at an interior window, looking in on them like they were newborn babies.

“These are Ability to Benefit students,” the campus president said.

He had led us through the first two floors of the building and we’d just begun touring the third. The campus has a hospital feel – polished floors, long rectangular windows with tiny square patterns in them, gurneys pushed up against the walls, an x-ray machine, and skeletons hanging at the front of several classrooms.

Their test began about four o’clock. The students were seated around three long tables arranged in a U-shape. At the front of the classroom, the test moderator sat at a small table watching them.

“I was telling you about them earlier,” he continued. He …

Fear and Loathing in Student Recruitment

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By Kevin Kuzma, Online Editor

At its core, college recruitment is the act of convincing a potential student to choose one institution over another – and in that regard, it’s sales.

As plain as it is to explain it that way, such a statement puts a charge of fear through the collective hearts of college administrators and academicians. The “s-word” is a no-no, and so is any sort of analogy that relates the process of helping a potential student choose a college with any tactic that works to move their idle hands. They do not want to create the impression that students are overly pressured into making their selection despite the basic understanding among them about the best ways to attract students and … let’s choose our …

Career Colleges Facing Extinction Despite Embracing Change

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By Kevin Kuzma, Online Editor

Newspapers were once the autocratic way we learned about what was happening in our world. They were printed, loaded onto delivery trucks and thrown on our doorsteps every morning with flat thuds that were so heavy with the weight of printed pages on Sunday mornings, the sound sometimes woke us.

I doubt the Sunday paper wakes anyone up anymore. If you still subscribe to the print edition (I’m guessing most of you don’t), the Sunday paper size is a little light.

There are several others examples of industries we thought that could never be toppled facing extinction. Some needed the support of the government to turn things around. Others needed to cope with the evolution of technology and the ways of society changing. …

How It Happens: Average Families Getting Behind

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By Kevin Kuzma, Online Editor

While it remains a continual struggle for us, my children and I have managed to attain what most Americans would constitute “average family” status.

We bought a house in a decent neighborhood last summer. According to their teachers, all three of them are doing fine in school. My 9-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son are beginning to divide their free time between fist fights and online gaming. On the surface, all is … average.

If something were to happen to us – like a sudden lottery win or the death of a distant, well-off relative – the newspapers would use that terminology to describe our lives before our sudden windfall. So would the people who know us. We are making it as the economy …