White House Meeting With Homework

Career College Central summary:

  • President Obama has once again invited a group of college leaders to a meeting at the White House. But to participate in the confab next week attendees must make a new commitment aimed at helping lower-income students – and they have to submit those goals in writing.
  • Roughly 140 participants are expected to attend the full-day summit on Dec. 11, sources said. The invitation, copies of which Inside Higher Ed obtained, said attendees would include leaders from higher education, philanthropy, business and city and state governments.
  • The White House is being hush-hush about the meeting, the details of which are still taking shape. Invited participants were also unwilling to preempt the administration’s publicity push next week by going on the record about the commitments they planned to announce.
  • However, sources said the White House wants participants to set a goal in several general areas. They include improvements in remedial education success rates, increased enrollment of lower-income students or ramped-up student support services, such as hiring more counselors or improving the delivery of student advising. Also in the mix might be new student-success related partnerships across sectors, such as between four-year institutions, community colleges and high schools.
  • Colleges were asked to make commitments that included major improvements, preferably quantifiable ones. In written materials that accompanied the invitation, the White House described examples of “dramatic achievements” by colleges – such as double-digit increases in remedial course pass rates. Remediation is widely seen as one of the biggest barriers to improving college completion.

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