What the Worst Colleges Have In Common

Career College Central Summary:

  • Unfortunately, choosing a top-tier or name brand school may not be the best decision.
  • Many schools boast of great programs and job-placement rates, but often don’t deliver.
  • The worst colleges may not have the commitment to see you graduate with a quality education with little or no debt.
  • What do the worst colleges have in common? The Washington Monthly recently reviewed 1,700 universities and found some common traits:

    • Students attending the college have a high default rate on their student loans.

      • This problem could be due to any number of reasons. Maybe the tuition and fees were too high. Maybe the student couldn’t find meaningful employment after graduation. Maybe the program offered didn’t lead to the kind of job that would enable a student to have disposable income. It’s often difficult to discern, but a high default rate is not a good indicator.
    • The Net Price Was Just Too High. You shouldn’t pay too much attention to advertised or “list” prices for colleges.

      • What you pay is the net price after all student aid is figured into the final payment.
    • Poor Graduation Rates.

      • This shows how committed a college is to providing support to ensure that a high percentage of students graduate.
      • It’s a real difficult situation when students take on debt and don’t have a degree to show for it.
    • Overselling the Benefits of a Degree.

      • Not everyone needs to go deep into debt for a degree. Some diplomas in the technical and science realms are entirely worth it, while others may not garner a livable income.

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