What 2-Year College Degrees Pay Best?

Career College Central summary:

  • The average starting salary for new graduates with bachelor's degrees is $37,000, but plenty of grads with two-year degrees are earning more.
  • Among new bachelor's degree holders, electrical engineers have the highest average salary, at $52,307, while psychology majors earn the least ($33,505), according to a new report released by Michigan State's Collegiate Employment Research Institute.
  • The annual report shows much stronger interest among employers in graduates with associate degrees. New grads with two-year degrees are earning an average salary of $34,960, and some earn significantly more. Computer science majors with two-year degrees earned $39,408, while nursing grads earned almost the same salary ($36,927) as the typical bachelor-degree recipient.
  • Here's a list of the highest-paying bachelor's degrees for new graduates:

    • Electrical engineering $52,307
    • Chemical engineering $51,823
    • Mechanical engineering $51,625
    • Computer engineering $50,375
    • Computer programming $48,714
    • Industrial engineering $48,566
    • Computer science $47,561
    • Civil and environmental engineering $45,621

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