Welcome To The New Career College Central Daily News Blast!

Today marks the beginning of our new format for news on CareerCollegeCentral.com.

Rather than simply presenting the latest education articles as written by their original sources, we will instead feature them in brief bulleted summaries so you can find the facts faster and spend less time reading. We feel the improved layout of the email blast will also help you scan the day’s news faster to determine what you want to read, and what you want to pass up. And if you are viewing this email on a handheld device, you will notice it is now mobile-friendly.

In the weeks to come, you will see much more original material taken directly from the pages of Career College Central magazine. We plan to continue introducing more video content with our Sector Spotlight interview series, too.

We’re excited to introduce these changes, and we hope it improves your daily experience with our news distribution.

Kevin Kuzma, Editor, Career College Central


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