Viewpoint: Proposed federal rules would limit education opportunities

Career College Central Summary:

  • A view of the situation: Rep. Joanne Blyton is the Vice Chair of the Montana House Education Committee. She represents House District 59 in Carbon County and surrounding areas.–America’s higher education system truly is the envy of the world, but it isn’t without its challenges. We’ve seen accelerating costs to attend college leading to increasing student debt loads. And even with more Americans attending college than ever before, our country is still experiencing a “skills gap” whereby firms are finding it harder to fill skill positions with qualified workers.
  • These are big problems that need our attention. Unfortunately, they’re not just being ignored by the Obama administration, they’re actually being made worse by the Department of Education’s (DOE) strange quest to dismantle “for profit” higher education.
  • The latest volley comes in the form the proposed “gainful employment” rule, an 841 page mishmash of regulations designed to give DOE the ability to prohibit for-profit schools that don’t meet certain benchmarks from participating in federal student-loan programs.
  • The gainful employment rule is the type of classic, Orwellian double-speak we see so often from Washington these days. The effect it would actually have is to reduce employment opportunities because it would severely restrict education opportunities for many Americans.
  • Make no mistake, the objective of this rule is not to help students. It’s a blatant attempt to put a large swath of our higher education system out of business.

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