Veterans’ Success At Home: More Than Just Landing Any Job

Career College Central summary:

  • The federal government has spent billions helping veterans get the training and education they need to re-enter the civilian workforce. Despite the effort, the unemployment rate for vets remains higher than the national average. Aside from dealing with the psychological transition, veterans also have to navigate how to transfer their military skills into civilian ones.
  • A study published in March to track degree-completion rates for veterans who have used certain federal education programs. "It was a surprise when I first started of how little we know of student veterans and their accomplishments," says Chris Cate, author of the Student Veterans of America study. "This is the first time we've been able to properly identify both student veterans and be able to match them up with academic outcomes."
  • The study has been criticized for not incorporating data from for-profit institutions. But for now, it is the only study there is. Cate says they are establishing a baseline. Researchers found that slightly more than half of the veterans surveyed ended up with a post-secondary degree or certificate, about the same or better than their civilian counterparts (though veterans do tend to take longer to complete the degrees). Business, firefighting, security and health care were the most popular fields.

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