VA Says University of Phoenix Campus Is in Full Compliance

Career College Central Summary:

  • Last week, a California state veterans' watchdog released a report with findings that the for-profit college had seven programs in which more than 85% of the students were using post-9/11 GI Bill benefits, a violation of a federal rule. The California agency subsequently banned the school from enrolling more veterans in those programs.
  • The University of Phoenix, a subsidiary of Apollo Education Group Inc., agreed one of the seven programs was overenrolled with veterans, but not the other six programs. The university announced it would suspend enrollment in that one program but would appeal the findings on the other six programs.
  • Since then, the VA has intervened and announced all of the university's programs are in compliance, and the ban on enrolling students has been rescinded. As of Monday evening, the VA was working with the California State Approving Agency for Veterans Education to notify the university of that final determination.
  • "VA evaluated information provided by University of Phoenix-San Diego and concluded that demonstrated enrollments in Phoenix's programs did not exceed 85% VA beneficiaries, and that University of Phoenix-San Diego programs were in compliance," said VA spokeswoman Meagan Lutz. "There has been no effect on Veteran enrollment as new students."

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