University Of Phoenix Launches Nationwide Phoenix Scholarship Reward Program

Career College Central summary:

  • University of Phoenix this week launched the Phoenix Scholarship Reward Program, which offers eligible students up to $10,000 in tuition reductions over the course of any undergraduate degree program. Designed to encourage academic achievement and enhance affordability, the nationwide scholarship program rewards eligible students for remaining consistently enrolled, and for achieving important milestones towards degree completion.
  • The Phoenix Scholarship Reward Program further supports University of Phoenix's continuing efforts to help make higher education an achievable reality for anyone who is willing to work hard. Other notable examples include:
  • A tuition freeze for all new and currently-enrolled students, ensuring       that no student will incur any increase in tuition as long as they have remained consistently enrolled in the university;
  • A free financial planning tool, which allows students to build a personal financial plan by estimating tuition and expenses for their entire degree program, as well as projected monthly loan payments;
  • A free, three-week orientation workshop — mandatory for most students with little or no college experience — that helps them understand the practical realities of enrolling in a university-level degree program, including how to pay for it before they incur any financial obligation or student debt.

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