Today: Career College Central Presents – Leading Through Strategic Partnerships

Leading Through Innovation Webinar Series Session 5: “Leading Through Strategic Partnerships”

TODAY at 11AM Pacific/2PM Eastern

  • Velocify is proud to sponsor Career College Central’s six-part leadership webinar series, Leading Through Innovation.
  • The fifth webinar of the series will explore the value of strategic partnerships.
  • Competition for prospective students is heating up just as the number of school-age students decreases. Some schools have sought help by reaching out to outside experts and engaging with enrollment services companies that specialize in reaching out to and enrolling students. In some cases, the vendors also help the school create and run online programs.
  • This panel discussion of industry leaders will cover key benefits and considerations of engaging a vendor to assist meeting your enrollment numbers. Our session features a distinguished panel of guests who include:

    • Brad Johnson, Executive Vice President, Strategic Relationships, Greenwood & Hall
    • Adrian Marrullier, Executive Vice President of Sales and Chief Marketing Officer, Bisk Education
    • John Donges, President, GlobalHealth Education
    • Todd Zipper, President & Chief Operating Officer, The Learning House, Inc.
  • Our panel will be interviewed by Dr. Jim Hutton, the former CEO of Virginia College and current leader of KUCCEL, the premier institution for educating career school leaders.


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