Students React To The Closure Of A Giant For-Profit College

Career College Central Summary:

  • Kent Jenkins is spokesman for Corinthian Colleges. He says both Corinthian and the U.S. Department of Education want no disruption for students during the sale. "Students are in class. Faculty and staff are at work," he says.
  • Jackiea Arnold, 30, is halfway through her dental assistant program. She says when she first heard the Everest Institute was for sale she was nervous. "I'm really not a school person, so once I got adjusted to the school, I didn't want change," she says. "I heard some people were going to be transferred…and I just wanted to stick it out with my instructor, so that was my main focus: to stay with who I've been with throughout the year."
  • Under the deal between Corinthian and the Department of Education, Arnold should be able to finish her nine-month program. Unlike the company's campuses in Florida, which will be sold, the schools here in Boston will close after students finish their degrees, in a process known as "teach-out."
  • "Once they told me that they're still going to stick it through until everybody is done with their sessions, I was happy," Arnold says.
  • Another student here is 20-year-old Delores Crawford. She's pregnant and working toward a medical assistant degree, while working nights at Toys R Us. She says the school told her she'll have to go to a different campus for job placement help: "And that's not convenient, especially for me and other people that don't have a car, that have kids."

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