Students March On Capitol To Fight Against Rising Cost Of Education

They want their voices heard. Thousands of people fed-up with the rising cost of education marched from Raley Field in West Sacramento to the State Capitol on Monday.

Teachers, students and others crowded along Capitol Avenue hoping get the attention of lawmakers and protect the future of higher education.

“Education is our future. If we have cutbacks, where are we going to go?” asked Roxanna Peza during the march.

Marchers screamed and chanted “Enough with cuts” as they made their way to the Capitol. Even with Proposition 30 sparing education a major budget blow, students here say it’s not enough. They want more done to restore years of cuts.

Community college teacher Patricia Flores-Charter came all the way from San Diego to make her voice heard.

“We’ve lost thousand of classes, several hundred part-time faculty members have lost their jobs since 2007,” said Flores-Charter.


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