Student Veterans of America: Avoid Ailing For-Profit Colleges

Career College Central Summary:

  • A national student veterans group is urging fellow military vets who are considering going back to school to avoid the Corinthian for-profit colleges, including Everest University campuses, which are on the market after Corinthian ran into trouble with federal investigators.
  • Student Veterans of America has 1,000 campus chapters across the country.
  • “I am disappointed to see institutions engage in such irresponsible behavior,” Student Veterans of America president and chief executive D. Wayne Robinson said in a statement announcing the list.
  • “Even in a period of great uncertainty, these schools are on active duty installations recruiting students, while thousands of veterans and service members already enrolled face an unclear future.” “We don’t want people targeting veterans,” said Emma Scherer, Student Veterans of America’s director of communications. “We want to focus on protecting them and making them aware” of such recruiting tactics, she said.
  • Kent Jenkins Jr., a spokesman for Corinthian, said Student Veterans of America has consistently opposed career education and career schools.
  • “We strongly disagree with the ideological position they have taken,” Jenkins said. “There are clear independent facts that show we serve our students well generally, and we serve our students who are connected to the military exceptionally well.”

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