Sloan Goes Online

Career College Central summary:

  • The Sloan Consortium is shedding the name of its original benefactor to become the Online Learning Consortium, the last step in a 22-year-long journey to break off on its own. The name change has been in the works for months, teased and tested during conferences, in focus groups and through market research, and represents a symbolic move of independence. The online education consortium, which previously relied on funding from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, was incorporated as a nonprofit in 2008, and became a member-supported organization this fiscal year.
  • The consortium’s leadership is expected to discuss the changes during this week’s conference on blended learning, in Denver, and a refreshed website will launch later this month. As the new logo shows, the Online Learning Consortium isn’t rushing to drop the Sloan name completely. “Formerly the Sloan Consortium” will remain as an official tagline through October of 2015 — a mutual decision made by the consortium and the foundation “so people aren’t totally confused,” said Joel Hartman, president of the consortium’s board of directors.
  • The renaming process began in earnest last November, when the consortium began discussing how to come up with a name that honored its decades-old history while creating an identity of its own.

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