Return On Investment: Why It Matters For Higher Ed

Career College Central Summary:
  • A result of the recent economic downturn, coupled with growing student debt, there have been many discussions about the ROI for various academic degrees. ROI is often deemed by proponents to be critical in the current economic environment for students to know so they can determine what degrees will allow them to obtain higher-paying jobs to maximize their ROI as soon as possible after completing a degree or certificate. 
  • In contrast, ROI is often criticized as a short-sighted measure of degree worth that ignores the importance of a broader educational experience.
  • Rising tuition and increased student debt, coupled with the recent recession, have moved the focus of families and students away from the overall student experience toward immediate degree relevance and perceived value.
  • ROI will be different for everyone. For some, it will be critically important to have a realized income as soon as possible after graduation with as little expense as possible needed to obtain a degree. For others, it will be the connections made with classmates and their families, no matter what the cost.
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