Report: Students Who Return to College Lag in Degree Completion, Study Finds

Career College Central Summary:

  • Report: Postsecondary Outcomes for Non-First-Time Students
  • Organizations: a joint project of the student-coaching firm InsideTrack, the American Council on Education, NASPA: Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, the University Professional and Continuing Education Association, and the National Student Clearinghouse
  • Summary: This new study on the completion rates of students who have re-enrolled in college found that only 33.7 percent of such students completed their degrees, compared with 54.1 percent of first-time students. Completion rates also varied by institution type: The rates of returning students who completed their degrees within six to eight years were higher at four-year private nonprofit institutions (52.5 percent) than at two-year public institutions (27 percent). At four-year public institutions, completion rates were 44 percent for returning students and 60 percent for first-time students. At four-year private nonprofit institutions, completion rates were 52 percent for returning students, and 72 percent for first-time students. And at four-year, for-profit institutions, completion rates were 37 percent for returning students and 42 percent for first-time students…

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