Rate My MOOCs

Many educators haven’t figured out what to make of free online classes for the masses, but Silicon Valley developers and students are starting to.

At least three sites have started in recent months to let users of massive open online courses review the MOOCs they’ve taken.

The idea isn't new, of course. Rate My Professors has allowed anonymous reviews of professors for years, frequently to the ire of faculty.  But now developers are starting sites just for people who are taking MOOCs and other online offerings.

Emerson Malca, the 25-year-old founder of Grade My Course, calls his site “Yelp for education.” He said, so far, the reviews on his site have not been nearly as biting as those on Rate My Professors. Malca thinks students are more likely to give positive reviews because they are taking free classes, not taking out loans or facing a make-or-break grade. “Here the professor is more of a guide,” Malca said.

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