Proposals By House Republicans Seek To Ease College-Application Process

Career College Central summary:

  • The U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Education and the Workforce announced on Thursday a series of bills intended to reform the college-application process. Outlined in a news release, the proposals tackle the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, the availability of college metrics to families, and students’ financial literacy.
  • Contrary to the approach of the Senate, which on Wednesday unveiled a comprehensive 785-page bill to reauthorize the Higher Education Act, the House is taking a piecemeal approach to reauthorization.
  • The committee’s news release promised more bills in the coming days as the House works to overhaul the Higher Education Act. Rep. John P. Kline Jr., the Minnesota Republican who is chairman of the committee, said on Tuesday he expected the House to vote on several proposals before the midterm elections, in November.
  • Sponsored by three Democrats and three Republicans, the proposed Simplifying the Application for Student Aid Act would allow applicants to submit family-income data from two years prior to the date they submitted the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, the Fafsa. The method is identical to the approach championed in the Senate’s Financial Aid Simplification and Transparency Act, or FAST Act, which was proposed last week by Sen. Lamar Alexander, Republican of Tennessee, and Sen. Michael F. Bennet, Democrat of Colorado. Unlike the FAST Act, which would replace the Fafsa with a two-question application for federal student aid, the House’s simplification measure, which is known as the SASA Act, would not address the length of application.

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