Program Offers Military Spouses College Credits for Life Experiences

Career College Central Summary:

  • A new Defense Department pilot program aims to help military spouses turn life experiences, including volunteer time, into college credit.
  • The process, known as a "portfolio" or "prior learning assessment," allows users to document their experience in an area and submit it to one of the participating colleges or universities.
  • Officials at the school will then determine whether or not the student has proficiency in that subject equal to what they would’ve learned in the college course.
  • If it qualifies, the student will receive college credit from the school without actually taking the class.
  • The pilot will launch Sept. 22 and run for two years, officials said. Over 100 schools, including state-run schools such as Arkansas State University and for-profit schools such as Strayer University, are participating.
  • To access the program, spouses will contact a SECO counselor by phone at 800-342-9647.
  • That advisor will be able to help them decide if a portfolio is right for them, officials said. The program will not be available online.
  • The program was announced last month at a DoD Military Family Readiness Council meeting. Officials there said it will work as a resource to help spouses who do not qualify for the My Career Advancements Accounts (MyCAA) program, according to an Army Times report.

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