Private college says it wasn’t trying to trick students with VCC moniker

Career College Central Summary:

  • An upstart private college says there was no intent to trick students when it changed its online identity to sound similar to a more established post-secondary institution, the college’s lawyer told B.C. Supreme Court.
  • “Given (Vancouver Career College’s) overall advertising and admissions policies, there was no deception to the public,” Luciana Brasil told Justice Kenneth Affleck Monday.
  • Vancouver Career College is embroiled in a civil suit over the moniker VCC in a case that could have implications for how businesses represent themselves and solicit customers online.
  • Vancouver Community College, a public school founded in 1965, accuses the for-profit Vancouver Career College — operating since 1996 — of adopting the abbreviation VCC to confuse students who want to study at the better-known “VCC” but may not know what the initials stand for.
  • While Vancouver Community College opened its case two weeks ago, Brasil called her first witness for the defence on Monday — Randy Cox, president of the parent company that runs the career college and five other similar private institutions.
  • He testified VCC is a short form that his college has always used. “It’s been used since the mid-1990s,” he said.
  • “It’s become just an identifier for the institution.”
  • Cox said he knew of no students who withdrew from Vancouver Career College because they discovered they had made an error and had meant to enrol in Vancouver Community College.

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