Online Courses Trim Billions In Personnel Training

Career College Central summary:

  • Early stumbles with Massive online open courses (MOOCs) haven't stopped corporations from finding a compelling reason to embrace them: Online courses trim a bill that runs to $160 billion annually for job training and certification, according to a report by Bersin, a unit of Deloitte Consulting. Bank of America, AT&T, Intuit, Qualcomm and Yahoo! are among the companies adopting online courses as an effective and inexpensive way to train their workforce. And MOOC providers, including Coursera and Udacity, are introducing new programs tailored for a business audience.
  • Yahoo! employees can take any classes from Coursera's "Signature Track"—not even limited only to specific job function edification—from macroeconomic principles to genetics and evolution. Yahoo! employees can be reimbursed for the cost, around $30 to $100 per course. Udacity launched its "Open Education Alliance" last fall, partnering with businesses such as Google and AT&T to develop skills-based classes. Another Silicon Valley start-up, Udemy, has designed a course catalog focused on professionals and career-oriented classes, such as Facebook marketing or leadership and management training, taught by former GE CEO Jack Welch.
  • nexpensive training isn't the only lure. Brightpearl, an online business software management developer, started to use Udemy last fall to help train a new team of salespeople. It found that the new team produced 32 percent more in revenue compared with a previous group of new hires, who had been taught in a traditional instructor-led class.

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