Online Classes Click With Floridians Of All Ages

Career College Central Summary:
  • Florida lawmakers want to help you take full advantage of the free education offered by MOOCs. Whether you're a retiree wanting to learn about history or politics, an unemployed worker looking for new job skills or a high school student ready for college-level work, there are plenty of classes free and open to anyone with an Internet connection. Many people, including senior citizens, are enrolled in MOOCs even though they have no interest in pursuing a degree or a new career.
  • The Florida Legislature is so excited with the classes' potential that it passed a law requiring students be given high school or college credit for certain large online classes.
  • Starting in 2015, students will receive high school credit for MOOCs in four subject areas: algebra, geometry, biology and civics. They were chosen because the state has end-of-course exams that can test student proficiency.  School districts may develop approved lists of online providers.  
  • State leaders have asked the Florida college and university systems to devise a plan to accept college credits from certain MOOCs. The American Council on Education, a Washington, D.C. higher education advocacy group, is reviewing the quality of MOOCs and plans to recommend those which may be worthy of credit. 
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