On-The-Job Training Works Best

Career College Central summary:

  • President Obama and congressional Republican leaders both have highlighted on-the-job training as one of the best ways to give job-seekers the concrete skills to match a specific employer's needs. The key to success is involving the employer from the beginning.
  • Obama and Vice President Biden announced last week that $100 million will be available in new grant money to industry groups, companies, or other organizations that partner with local educators and communities to create on-the-job training opportunities and apprenticeships.
  • Putting grant money solely behind apprenticeships a new development in the administration, a tacit acknowledgment that businesses' needs may not have been given enough credence in the past by the workforce investment boards designed to help job seekers get the skills they need for local employers. A key strategic change in the White House's approach was to bring the Commerce Department to the table. Commerce officials and Biden's staff reached out to dozens of employers in crafting the new apprenticeship grant program, which is funded by fees from H-1B visa applications.
  • The idea, according to administration officials, is to put existing federal money into local jobs programs that offer the biggest bang for the buck in terms getting people into a skilled workforce. Apprenticeship fellows have a higher rate of employment than any other type of trainee.

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