Obama Wants To Wreck For-Profit Education and the Mainstream Media Want To Help

Career College Central Summary:

  • Government isn’t good at innovation.
  • The Federal Aviation Administration grounds the fledgling drone industry. State governments try to crush Uber and back powerful taxi interests instead. Even Internet gaming ran into a parade of scolds who helped attack it.
  • For-profit college is having the exact same problem. And the mainstream media are making it worse.
  • Education for profit is new and innovative, so naturally it’s controversial. But, honestly, who cares about ivy-covered walls when you are trying to get a degree in some cutting-edge technology?
  • Traditional colleges care. They are used to having a monopoly on education. And those union-staffed, bastions of liberalism have their hooks into government more under the Obama administration than any time in recent memory.
  • Only to maintain their power, they have to shut down competition. They are trying to accomplish that by saying that for-profit colleges don’t provide students with “gainful employment.”
  • That mindset has pushed the administration into creating rules that harm for-profit institutions even when traditional colleges might fail the same measures.
  • The first time the government tried this gambit, a judge overturned the result in 2012. Now Team Obama is back for more, with new regulations supposed to hit soon, perhaps as soon as October. This comes on the heels of the administration stopping federal student loan checks to Corinthian College, which helped cause it to shut down earlier this year.
  • Even The Washington Post editorial board has criticized the government’s handling of the situation. The paper noted the president’s hypocrisy for urging Americans to pursue education and making it harder on millions at the same time.

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