Obama Meets With Single Mom, ‘The Person We Are Working For’

Career College Central Summary:

  • After reading an email that Benjamin wrote him last summer, Obama instructed his personal assistant to distribute a printout to all his senior advisors.
  • In her email, Benjamin told Obama of the difficulties of raising a 5-year-old daughter while working as a full-time personal banker and attending DeVry University.
  • She works six days a week at $15 an hour, she wrote. After paying rent and child care, she barely makes ends meet. But she doesn’t want to quit school.
  • On July 7 last year, Benjamin, then 22, wasn’t thinking about politics. She was writing a journal entry, addressing it, as she often does, to a person she pictures before her as she writes.
  • She explained how she was working full time while also attending the university. She wanted a business and human resources degree.“I do everything in my power to raise my daughter to be better than the person I used to be,” she wrote. But her rent was more than $800 and her child-care expenses were sometimes more than that — on top of taxes and healthcare coverage withheld from her pay. After applying for food stamps, she found that she earned too much to qualify.
  • “I can’t imagine being out in the streets with my daughter,” she wrote, “and I’m afraid that’s what may happen.”

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