Obama Attacks For-Profit Colleges For Teacher Unions

Career College Central Summary:

  • In a fit of political pique and campaign considerations, President Obama's Department of Education is proposing higher education regulations that would deny access to degree programs to nontraditional, low-income and minority students attending for-profit colleges and universities during a time of job scarcity.
  • The administration is now at it again with the next iteration of its scheme to destroy for-profit colleges for the students who chose them.
  • The regulation reeks with ripe irony as it is proposed at time when the Obama economy has created the worst job market for college graduates in modern history. Obama's pen and phone surely ignore "fair share" guidelines and established law when it comes to college choices.
  • In October 2010, President Obama telegraphed his policy direction in a radio interview. "We're gonna punish our enemies and reward our friends," he said. One of the friends he was referring to were teachers' unions.
  • In 2012, the National Education Association rewarded him with all its presidential campaign contributions and Democrats in general with 95% of NEA donations. It also contributed $4 million in negative ads against the GOP. 

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