New Report Implicates Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington in Suspected Pay-for-Play Scheme

Career College Central Summary:

  • The Center for Consumer Freedom announced the release of a new report exposing Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington’s (CREW) suspected pay-to-play arrangements with the for-profit education industry.
  • The report shows new IRS filings that suggest CREW is guilty of the same pay-to-play practices it decries when committed by other groups.Between 2010 and 2011, IRS reports show that CREW received $150,000 from a non-profit connected to John Sperling, the late liberal billionaire whose for-profit education company owns the University of Phoenix.
  • Around this time, CREW started attacking proposed regulations from the U.S. Department of Education that would tighten reporting requirements on the for-profit education industry. Some left-leaning reporters suspected—but until now could not prove—that CREW secretly accepted money from the for-profit education industry to attack the rules.

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