MTI College Meets Strict Requirements Spelled Out in California Senate Bill

Career College Central Summary:

  • MTI College has always prided itself on being one of California’s best colleges. Senate Bill 1247, which overwhelmingly passed the California legislature last week, validates this view.
  • MTI College is one of only two colleges in the state that meet the bill’s new, stringent quality criteria for private, for-profit colleges.
  • As part of the reauthorization of the California Bureau for Private, Postsecondary Education, the state legislature placed most private, for-profit colleges under state regulatory supervision.
  • Only colleges that met thirteen strict quality criteria were exempted from this requirement.
  • Across the state of California, only MTI College and one other school – the Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing – meet this criteria.
  • In many categories, MTI actually exceed the minimum standards set by the state.
  • For example, MTI’s graduation rate is 72%, and MTI has served California students for almost 50 years.
  • MTI College is financially sound and has never been cited for any regulatory or consumer violations.
  • Private colleges in California that are unable to meet these standards will be subject to supervision by the state bureau.

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