Kaplan International Centers To Introduce Carnegie Speech’s NativeAccent In 23 English Schools In North America

Career College Central Summary:

  • Kaplan International Centers announced a partnership with Carnegie Speech to launch its online NativeAccent program in 23 of Kaplan’s English-language schools in North America.
  • NativeAccent is Carnegie Speech’s online adaptive-learning program, which helps students improve their speaking and listening skills. Using advanced speech recognition and intelligent tutoring technologies that originated at Carnegie Mellon University, NativeAccent listens to a student’s spoken English and diagnoses very specifically their individual strengths and weaknesses. It then creates a customized learning plan for each student which maximizes student learning gains and minimizes required study time.
  • Kaplan performed extensive trials of NativeAccent in controlled studies at its North American English schools and found that its students’ pronunciation improved significantly when adding NativeAccent to existing classroom-based instruction.

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