July Report Notes: Students At Community Colleges Are The Least Likely To Get Federal Aid Compared To Their Peers At Other Types Of Colleges

Career College Central Summary: 

  • Nearly one million community college students in 30 states – 8.5 percent of community college students nationally – were enrolled in schools that blocked all of their students’ access to federal student loans. 
  • In 11 states, more than 10 percent of community college students lacked access to federal loans, and in seven states more than 20 percent lacked access. 
  • Community college students’ access to federal student loans varied considerably by race and ethnicity. Native- American, African-American, and Latino community college students were the most likely to lack access. 
  • Community college students who attended schools in non-urban areas were more than twice as likely to lack access as their peers who attended schools in urban areas.

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