Job Postings For Non-Grads Few And Far Between Online

Career College Central summary:

  • Less-educated Americans desperate for work may not be finding a job online for one simple reason: The job they want isn’t being posted there. A new analysis of online job postings, released this week by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce, finds that most jobs for people with a college education are now posted online. But the researchers found that that wasn’t true for jobs requiring less education.
  • The analysis is good news for people who have a college degree and are looking for work. But for people with less education, it suggests that there may be yet another barrier to landing a job in the tight job market. It’s always been true that people with less education are more likely to be unemployed, and the current market is no exception. The unemployment rate for college graduates was 3.4 percent in March, compared with 6.3 percent for people with a high school diploma and no further education.
  • Economists also say that the job market for people without a college degree has been changing rapidly in recent years. Technology and automation have eliminated some well-paying jobs in factories and offices that didn’t traditionally require advanced education, and many of those workers are finding that they need more advanced training to snag a new job with comparable pay.
  • To quantify what jobs are being posted online, the Georgetown researchers used an outside firm to cull through online job postings from 15,000 job-related websites, including job boards, employer websites and even some big social networking sites. Then, they took another swipe through the data to remove any duplicate postings of the same job. Finally, they compared the online job postings to government data on job openings and the current labor market.
  • Researchers estimated that 80 to 90 percent of openings that require at least a bachelor’s degree get posted online. By comparison, they estimated that just 30 to 40 percent of openings for candidates with some college education were being posted, and only 40 to 60 percent of openings for high school diploma holders were online. Companies looking for less educated workers might not be posting those positions online because they have higher turnover and don’t want to make the investment. Another theory is that many of those lower-skilled jobs are being offered by small businesses that don’t have time or resources to post jobs online.

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