In The Dark On Data

Career College Central summary:

  • Prospective adult students aren’t using college ranking websites and are instead relying on information from friends, advertisements and college websites. This is one of the central findings of a newly released report from Public Agenda, a nonprofit research group.
  • A national survey that was part of the research found that only 18 percent of adults who were considering enrolling in college had used interactive websites like the Campus Explorer or the White House’s College Scorecard. In accompanying focus groups, few said they had even heard of those sites.
  • Only 21 percent of the survey’s respondents spoke to a counselor who advises students about how to get into college in the past year, while 30 percent said they learned about colleges from a financial aid adviser.
  • In contrast, 76 percent of the surveyed potential students said they learned about colleges from friends, families and colleagues. And 64 cited advertisements on TV and billboards as sources.
  • Yet a full three-quarters of respondents said enough quality information about colleges is “out there."

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