Illinois, Massachusetts Issue Subpoenas To DeVry

Downers Grove-based DeVry Inc., operator of private colleges and training schools, said in an SEC filing that its practices are being investigated by the attorneys general in Illinois and Massachusetts.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan earlier this month subpoenaed information about DeVry's compensation practices, investigating whether DeVry is in compliance with a federal law that bans higher education entities who accept federal financial aid from giving incentives to employees for hitting enrollment targets.

Madigan's office is seeking information on enrollments after January 2002, DeVry said Monday afternoon.

Massachusetts is seeking documents on periods after 2007 in connection with an investigation into whether DeVry caused false claims and/or false statements to be submitted to the state relating to student loans, guarantees, and grants provided to DeVry's Massachusetts students.

DeVry said it could not predict the impact of the investigations on its business.

"DeVry is approaching them with a view toward transparency and an interest in demonstrating the compliant nature of its practices in cooperation with the authorities," the company said in a filing with the SEC.


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