High-Profile Study To Examine Happiness After College

Career College Central summary:

  • An upcoming survey from Gallup and Purdue University will examine the long-term success of college graduates, specifically with regard to a few key areas such as personal happiness. Questions surrounding degree-holders will focus on five dimensions of well-being: purpose, social, physical, financial and community, according to a press release from Gallup. It will also delve into issues such as workplace engagement.
  • Purdue will begin by surveying its own alumni, but the hope is to spread the effort to graduates from other schools as well. While this survey aims to be large enough to get an adequate grasp on the happiness levels of college graduates, there are many areas that may be difficult to measure, and as such, could impact the final result. After all, happiness is subjective, and it could vary greatly based on aspects like field of study or amount of student debt. Still, the organizations hope that the efforts will shed a light on how a college degree impacts long-term well-being – something that is, as of now, relatively unknown.
  • Some time will pass before the results of this survey are released, but prospective students might want to keep an eye out for the findings. Happiness and fulfillment are two essential parts of life after college, and learning just how much of a role they play in the lives of graduates could influence many educational decisions.

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