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  • EdX, the not-for-profit online learning initiative founded by Harvard and MIT, today announced a partnership with Google to jointly develop their open-source learning platform, known as Open EdX. The core edX offerings currently consist of a few dozen free "Massive Open Online Courses," or MOOCs, from top-flight university partners like MIT, Harvard, and Berkeley–but the Open EdX vision goes far beyond that.
  • Google and edX will build out and operate, which will come online early next year. The site aims to be to online courses more or less what
  • WordPress is to publishing: A free, open-source way for universities, institutions, businesses, and individuals to build and host courses in the cloud on any topic and in any format for a global audience.
  • The code base is downloadable at The hope is that will attract a community of third-party developers who will help create and integrate tools like automatic graders, video chat, and new discussion apps into the platform. With the addition of Google engineering talent, Agarwal anticipates "the velocity of these efforts will dramatically increase."

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