Going (Further) Online

Career College Central summary:

  • The Berklee College of Music will next year become the first nonprofit institution to offer fully online accredited bachelor’s degree programs in its field. Since the online degree can only replicate so much of going to college in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood, it comes with an incentive: It costs 60 percent less than a residential degree.
  • The move is unusual among colleges that offer both online and in-person versions of the same programs — not simply because of the academic discipline, but also because of the substantial online discount.
  • Berklee’s online degrees are more than a decade in the making. The college began to offer individual noncredit courses about 11 years ago, and later bundled those courses together in certificate programs. The college has also published free content through YouTube, BitTorrent and its Berklee Shares portal, and provides massive open online courses through Coursera and edX. The two 120-credit degrees launching in fall 2014 — music business and music production — represent the next gradual and logical step, said Mike King, chief marketing officer at Berklee Online.

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